Options for Whole House Home Water Softeners

Let Home Water Softener Reviews help you to determine which whole house (point of entry) options are best for your family. The first thing I’d like to remind you is that if you are looking for a “salt-free” water softening unit, then what you are actually looking at is called a “descaler” since true “soft water” designs do use sodium. It is part and parcel of the design of such systems.

So, what we’ll likely do here at this site will be to first differentiate between the types of “softeners” and then break it down from there. Then, what usually happens is that people begin to think about other options for their households, because all of a sudden they realize that maybe it’s not just the mineral hardness that they are concerned about, but excessive chlorine in the water and more.

We will do our best to categorize the various options for you as we put the site together. In the meantime, welcome!